Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Saying goodbye

Sunday we said goodbye to our good friends, our pastor and his family. They are moving overseas to continue serving God in a new place. Over 5 years ago, when Steve was interviewing for the Minister of Music job at the church, Jay and Michele were the first people we actually met with face-to-face. Steve and Jay really got along great, and Michele and I bonded over Sonic drinks, which we both are slightly addicted to. They have been our co-laborers, our encourages, and our friends ever since. And even though they are no longer serving in the same place, we are thankful that through the miracle of technology, we can stay connected. We love you, JMjm! We'll be praying for you!

The 3 Amigos (and families!)
The Ministerial and Office staff

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Jay Raines said...

I remember that day too!! I am so glad we met that day. As soon as we met you, we knew it would be good to have you.

What cinched it all for me was gathering around the piano and singing together when you came and met with the committee.

Love you three!