Sunday, May 10, 2009

Word From My Mother

Some of you know that my mother planned her own funeral. She had everything written out and planned before she died. At the time, that was really hard... but now I am thankful that she was able to do it. Because now I have her life-story, her life lessons and the lessons she learned from cancer, funny stories, and even prayers for me, my brother, and my dad all written down in her own words. And that is just priceless now, almost 12 years after she died.

When my brother got married, he and his bride asked me to write something to read during the ceremony, and I chose to share with him my mother's prayers for him. It seemed appropriate on his wedding day. And yes, we cried. EVERYONE cried. But it was a good cry. And it was a time to rejoice because on that day, every one of my mom's prayers for my brother had been answered.

Today is Mother's Day. And I've had a great one. Gifts and lunch out with my boys. Flowers. Happiness. But always, ALWAYS, there are the little reminders that my mom is no longer here. Time has made this day easier. And I am so thankful to God for my mother-in-law and my step-mom, who are amazing. But today I miss my mom. So I thought I'd re-read her words about herself. And just as I shared her prayers for my brother on his wedding day, I thought I'd share her prayers for ME today:

"I know God has listened to my prayers and answered some. That adds to my peace of mind. I was afraid Grace had set such high romantic standards that she would never find anyone. I prayed that she would find a good relationship. I know God brought Steve into her life now so I would know. Also, Steve's family seems to love Grace and I know they will be there to do some things I won't be able to.

My continued prayer for Grace is that the relationship with Steve remains good. I hope her relationship with her father and brother grows and becomes a good one. I hope her confidence continues to grow and she tries new things and doesn't limit herself. "

Thanks for praying for me, Mom. I miss you today. I love you always.


Lila said...

Beautiful, Grace!!!

Anonymous said...

I cried all over again, but I loved reading and hearing her words again. I vividly remember discussing these feelings with your mom. I miss her and my mom every day too.

Love, Aunt Becki