Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Inches Closer to a Cure

On Valentine's Day, my family and I traveled to Quincy IL for an event called Inches Closer to a Cure. My brother, who is the head women's basketball coach at Quincy University, organized the event as a fundraiser for cancer research, and to help out a family in Quincy who is currently battling cancer. During halftime of the men's game, all of the women on the basketball team took chairs out to center court and placed them in a long line. There were a few additional guests (like me!) as well. And all at once, every single one of us cut off our hair to donate to the cause. My brother cut my hair, which was actually special because our mom died of cancer, so this is a cause we are both passionate about. My brother told me that they were able to donate 12 ponytails to be used to make wigs, and the others (that weren't long enough) could be sold by the organization to offset overhead costs. They also raised about $3000 in addition to the hair donations. What a wonderful event! I'm glad I could be a part of it!

Here are my before pictures. I had a friend straighten my hair for me!

And here is the after picture! I cut off 11 inches!

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