Saturday, January 17, 2009

Return of the Blog Slug

Would you like to see some pictures from Christmas? Yes, I know that was 3 weeks ago. But we got an awesome new digital camera (thanks Dad and Jennifer!), and I had to figure out how to put the pictures on the computer and resize them and post them and stuff. Thankfully Steve figured it out and showed me how to do it last night, so I can post pictures again! So here they are, Christmas 2008 pictures!


Lanny said...

Oh my...I thought your tree was still up...I was going to have to check your sanity level.

Bob and Marianne said...

You must have learned all about that camera because your pictures are greatd!


rachel said...

Hope you're enjoying your camera! Amanda said they played Chutes & Ladders the other day. I couldn't stop giggling remembering Nathan's reaction at Christmas. Heaven only knows what's going to come out of Reese's mouth when she can talk! :)

Grace said...

We are enjoying our camera, now that we know how to use it!

Just you wait, Reese is going to rock your world when she starts talking! :)