Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Beatles

I love the Beatles! They are my favorite group! But I haven't always felt this way about them.

I can remember when I was younger, I used to make fun of my dad when he talked about how great the Beatles were. I would roll my eyes and wish that he would get with the times. Then one night, that all changed. I remember we were watching "The Wonder Years" on TV (remember Fred Savage? I wonder whatever happened to him?) It was an episode that ended on an emotional note, and during the last scene a lady sang "In My Life". The song was so beautiful, it just made me cry. And then I noticed my dad smirking at me. He informed me that the song "In My Life" was actually written by the Beatles, and then he proceeded to play their version of it for me on our old reel to reel. (Yes... we really had one of those! It looked like something out of Star Trek. My mom won it in a contest when I was a year old!) From that moment on, I was hooked on the Beatles like no body's business. I even put pictures of them up in my room, and I borrowed all my parent's albums and taped them off onto mix tapes! For birthdays and Christmas, I asked for (and received) many of their albums on CD.

"In My Life" remains my favorite song of all times. It was played at my mother's funeral. I sang it to Nathan while he was still being knitted together, and I sang it to him while I rocked him to sleep after he was born. Even now, when he needs some help calming down, I sing that song. Nathan calls it, "That quiet Beatles song that Mommy loves".

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Nathan started to enjoy the Beatles as well. I love to see him rockin' out to the "Na Nas" at the end of "Hey Jude". I love to hear him play his drums quietly to "Let it Be". I love it when he walks around singing about wanting to hold my hand. And I love that he'll still climb up in my lap and let me cuddle him and sing "In My Life".

So thanks, Dad, for introducing me to the Beatles. I'm sorry I ever made fun of you about it! And know that I am passing them on to Nathan as well.

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