Sunday, September 07, 2008

Thank you, Dakota!

Dakota, the drummer at our church who has been away all summer at boot camp, was back this weekend! He played drums in the AM service, and after church he gave Nathan an incredible gift... a little electric drum set! It was Dakota's when he was little, and now he's passing it on to Nathan.

Nathan was so overwhelmed with the gift he could hardly thank Dakota! As soon as we got home, we set it up for him and he has been happily playing it all afternoon! What a blessing that there are godly young men who not only use their amazing talents for God, but also take the time to encourage those younger kids who are coming along after them. Nathan really looks up to Dakota (he thinks he's SO COOL!), and I am so thankful that he has so many men and youth to look up to and emulate in our church.

Thank you, Dakota! Nathan loves the drums! We'll be praying for you as you go to college!


Official Observer said...

He looks like he knows what to do with those drum sticks. He is so cute.

Suzy Rowell said...

I LOVE that first picture of him! How adorable! That's awesome that a friend has invested in Nathan like that. You are so blessed!