Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best Buddies

Today we had Nathan's friend Jackson come play at our house. Nathan and Jackson are best buddies, and they are in the same preschool and the same Cubbies class together. They get along really well, and though they argue sometimes, they are always quick to make up and get back to the business of playing. They even dressed alike today, which was fun!

Their favorite game involved running around in circles in the house, and I would try to pop out at them and take their picture. It was the best of both worlds, because they had fun burning off some energy, AND I got some good pictures for the blog!


Official Observer said...

Terrific pictures. They say that play is the child's work. And work at it they do! If we could have as much fun at our work as they do at their's, then we would be much better off.

thewhitehouse said...

Adorable pics! Thanks again for having Jackson over to play, he had a great time. I know that God placed Nathan and Jackson together...they are definately kindred spirits! He had a blast at your house! When he wakes from his nap, he will LOVE the pictures!