Saturday, May 10, 2008

Monuments of Stone

At Bible study last night, our small group read about the Israelites setting up a monument of stones taken from the middle of the Jordan River... where they had just walked across on the dry land... as a reminder to them and future generations of what God did for them. At the end of our study, we each took a rock and wrote on it a word that reminded us of a time when we knew God in a new and powerful way, and then we all shared our stories. Some were sad times of loss and grief, others were scary times of uncertainty, and still others were happy times of God's abundant blessings. But all of our stories pointed to one thing... God is real and alive and at work in our lives. And it is important to set up those stone monuments in our mind that we can go back to, to remind ourselves and others of what God is capable of.

Will you share a time in your life when God made Himself known to you with someone this week? You never know who needs to hear your story!

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