Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jam Session

The other day, I came into our family room and discovered that Nathan and "friends" had formed a band and were rockin' out. Check them out!

In adoption news, Steve and I have mailed in our first batch of paperwork! And there was much rejoicing. We had to get fingerprints taken, so one of our friends who is a highway patrolman took us into the back room at the police station to do them for us. He showed us where they interrogate suspects, where they take mug shots, and he tried to convince us that we needed to be handcuffed to even go back there. Nice try... I've been told by a couple of our references that they got their forms in the mail last week, so things are happening! Now we are working on the mass questionnaire that we each have to answer individually. We have to talk about EVERYTHING, from our childhood memories and what life was like in our parents home to our current married life. It's over 100 questions and most of them can't be answered with just a "yes" or "no". It's very in-depth. We need to get them in as soon as we can, because our case worker can't schedule our next home visit until she gets the questionnaire back in. I'm about halfway through mine... and Steve hasn't started. Good times.

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