Monday, March 24, 2008

Sickness-Induced Hiatus

Our Easter looked a little different this year as both Nathan and I were really sick. We've each been the doctor now and though they assure us we will live, we weren't so sure there for awhile. We HATED to miss the services on Sat night and Sunday. I had really been looking forward to leading worship with the Praise band, but I'm very thankful that Sheri was able to fill in for me at the last minute. (Thanks Sheri! You rock!)

So we've postponed some of our Easter until we feel better. We haven't dyed eggs, we haven't had our egg hunt, and we had to tell both sets of grandparents not to come up today to give Nathan their Easter gifts. Yes, we felt that bad. So I guess we'll just spread the festivities out some. I'm sure Nathan won't mind. And though we couldn't do everything that we usually do on Easter, we were still able to thank God for the amazing gift of His Son, who died but didn't stay dead. What an awesome God we serve!


Nancy said...

We missed you both! Hope you are feeling better.

Lila said...

We REALLY missed you at Awana last night. I am trying to keep up with your uncanny ability to keep the children singing, but it's hard. COME BACK SOON!!!