Friday, February 22, 2008

Enough already!

I am so ready for Spring! I'm ready for all this snow to melt, and I'm ready to see grass and flowers and leaves on the trees again. (I sure hope our trees and bushes come back in the Spring. They were hit pretty hard in that ice storm we had!) I'm ready for Capri pants and sandals and no more dry skin! I'm ready to turn off the heat and I"m ready to wear clothes that aren't full of static!

At this rate, the kids are going to be hunting for Easter eggs in the snow at the church's egg hunt. Won't that make a pretty picture? It sure has been a long winter, eh?


Lila said...


Vivian said...

You bet! I can't wait to plant something or at least look at the plants in the nurseries. I think maybe we are on the up-swing, though. Not out of winter completely but thaw is coming. Which reminds me a of a psalm ? or one of the prophets where the author talks of season following season. So we hang in there trusting that God is bringing is all to happen in due course. sigh.

Anonymous said...

The next phase of this winter weather will be MUDD and more MUDD. We really have Cabin fever at our house. I am soooooo looking forward to some spring flowers.

Love to all Grammie Pat