Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Stuff and Stuff

I think I've been going into posting withdrawal. I don't have much to say today... but I've got some cute pics to post for ya!

A few nights ago, we had another little visitor spend the night with us: Lainey stayed with us while her brother had his tonsils out. She was a lot of fun and we had a great time having her "sleep over". She's a little older than Lily was, so Nathan enjoyed getting to play with her more, though he loved it when Lily came over too!

Nathan and his daddy are two peas in a pod! I caught them relaxing on the couch together one night, and then later that same night they were playing piano duets! I love my boys!

OK... check out this drum set Nathan made in the kitchen. Do you see the lids on the stool? He made his own cymbals, since he broke the one he had. This kid has got an imagination that won't quit... especially when it comes to his drums!


Smurph said...

Dakota who? LOL j/k Love those drummer boys!!

Lila said...

So, when can I bring Whitney and Megan over for a night at Howell's Bed & Breakfast?

the dicocco gang said...

Oh, he kills me with those drums!!