Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bringing the Bible to Life!

Nathan has been very into certain Bible stories lately... stories that involve fighting or destroying things... stories like Joshua and the city of Jericho and David fighting the giant Goliath. He likes to build cities out of couch cushions, walk around the city, blow a horn and shout, and then knock the walls down. The other day he wanted to play David and Goliath, so we made our own Goliath and put him up as high as we could on the wall... to show how big a giant was. Then Nathan, armed with his crumpled-up-paper-rock, can be little David, and throw the rock at Goliath. Hmmm... Biblical studies and large-motor skills... the perfect combination for a very inquisitive 3-year-old boy!


Nancy said...

That picture of Nathan looking up at Goliath brought tears to my eyes. His imagination couldn't come from having one of the best storytellers for a mother now could it. lol If we could all see life through the eyes of a child. Who says we need to grow up!

Matthew said...

I am happy I am not the only Howell Boy who has ever reenacted Bible Stories. Though I was partial to Noah.

Does this make Nathan more of a war-fighter-playing-child than me?

Meh, boys. Give'em a doll, they make a sword. Give'em a crumpled up piece of paper, they make a slingshot.