Saturday, November 17, 2007


Our church has AWANA club on Wednesday nights, and this year there is a new class for 2 and 3-year-olds called Puggles. You may wonder what exactly a "puggle" is. I know we did. But if you ask Nathan, he can tell you. A puggle is a baby platypus. And the Puggles class is so much fun! They have a Bible story and verse, songs, crafts, snacks... everything the big clubbers have. Ms. Misty and Ms. Suzi really do a great job with the kids. Nathan loves it!

Here he is modeling his cool Puggles shirt!

And here are the Puggles enjoying some story time!


Nancy said...

Amen!! Praise the Lord for AWANA workers like Misty and Suzi. The reason there is a need for the Puggles department is that we have awesome leaders who need the nursery to give their time to serve God with the older children. We have between 80 to 90 workers every Wednesday night working with clubbers from 0 yrs old through 6Th grade. Thank you all.

LILA said...

I want a puggle?!? Where can I get one?

Nancy said...

Wednesday night in the 2 year old department.