Sunday, November 11, 2007

How much can you fit in a shoebox?

That's the age-old question we sought to answer yesterday at Target while shopping for goodies to go in our Operation Christmas Child shoebox. Every year, we buy for a boy Nathan's age, so he can help us pick out the toys and other items to place in the box. Of course, first we have to explain to him that these toys are not for him... but he got it eventually. And I think it made his little heart feel good to know that he was giving toys to a little boy who might not otherwise have anything for Christmas.

We all helped fill our box to the brim, and then we all three prayed over our box and for the little boy who would receive it. We also prayed over the stack of boxes that are piling up at our church. If you haven't made a box yet for Operation Christmas Child, let me encourage you to do so. It's such a simple thing to do, but the joy it spreads to a child is priceless.


Nancy said...

We will probably never know, on this earth anyway just how much we actually got in those boxes. The exciting part is God knows and has plans for each of them.

Kim said...

Yes, isn't this a great way to give and to show your children how to give. We had a great time doing ours as a family. They kids were so excited! However, it was a hard lesson for Hailey to put the pink ball in the box. She just loves pink!