Thursday, November 01, 2007

Crazy Man!

Yesterday was Halloween, and once again we went to our church's Fall Fun Fest. Nathan actually had an opinion on what he wanted to be this year... a crazy drummer. No problem, I thought. We'll dress him in jeans and cool shirt, spike up his hair, and let him carry around his drum sticks. But no! It turns out he had a very clear vision of what he wanted... and it included a black marching band uniform like the high school drummers wear. Oh...well...THAT might prove a bit more difficult for me to come up with. Martha Stewart, I am not. So what was I to do? Crush my 3-year-old's hopes and dreams? Or enlist some help?

I've got such great friends! Lila came through and made Nathan the cutest little Crazy Drummer Marching Band Uniform I've ever seen! Thanks Lila!

Nathan showing off his costume

He got his face painted at the Fall Fun Fest

And he ate and ate and ate!

I dressed up too. Nathan came up with my costume. We were playing with a shawl my in-laws brought back from Africa, and he decided that I looked like Mary with it around my head. So that's who I was. Hail Mary, full of Grace! (Right Lila?)


James W said...

Cute! He is getting so big!

digory said...

Good thing you're not Martha Stewart. Those ankle bracelets can be so restricting!