Friday, November 30, 2007

All I want for Christmas...

Nathan has now seen 4 Santas so far: one at the Holiday Lighting in our town, one before the Christmas Parade, one at WalMart, and one at the mall in St. Joe. And all 4 times he has told Santa that he wants an electric guitar for Christmas. And all 4 Santas (well... except for one who knows him!!!) looked at him in surprise. Here is the conversation between Nathan and the Santa he saw yesterday:

Santa: Ho ho ho! And what would you like for Christmas, young man?

Nathan: I would like an electric guitar!

Santa: (glancing at me in confusion) What did you say?

Nathan: (a little louder) I said I would like an electric guitar!

Santa: (raising his eyebrows a bit) You want a guitar?

Nathan: (sighing loudly) No... I want an electric guitar!

Santa: (stammering a bit but trying to hold it all together) Well... what else would you like for Christmas?

Nathan: (surprised, but thinking about it) I only want one thing! An electric guitar!

At this point, Santa gives in and laughs out loud, gives me a wink, gives Nathan a coloring book, and sends him on his way with a hearty "Merry Christmas!"


Lisa said...

At least he didn't want a drum set!

LILA said...

Hey, Santa!!! Have you met Nathan Howell?

CHAZ said...

Maybe you could just get the electric guitar and forget the amplifier. Oh, but do you think he will need a capeo?