Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Sunday after church, we were in the car trying to decide what to do for lunch. Nathan wanted to go to a restaurant, and of course we did too, but since we are trying to stick to a budget we had to decide if we wanted Sunday to be our one day to eat out that week. Well, Nathan won and we decided to eat out. We asked him where he would like to go, and he said without hesitation, "I want to go to Omahas!" Steve and I looked at each other in confusion. So we asked him again, and again he said, "Omahas!" We started asking him other questions trying to narrow down what he meant. We asked him what he eats there (cucumbers and crackers and chicken), we asked him where it was (by Burger King). Finally we figured out that he meant Ma and Pas! We probably haven't eaten there in 6 months or so, but that was where Nathan wanted to go. We just laughed and said OK. And we all ate at "Omahas" for lunch!

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LILA said...

Hey, Nate...Lanny doesn't usually want to go to "Omaha's", so call Aunt Lila when you get the urge...
Love you!