Monday, August 27, 2007

Just point and click

How is it that my son already knows how to use a computer mouse? He's not even 3 yet, but he has learned how to point and click all on his own! He was given a Sesame Street Music Maker game that Cooper had outgrown (Thanks, guys!), and he loves it. It's all music, so what's not to love, right? When he first got it, we would sit down with him to play, and we would move the mouse as he told us what he wanted to do. But a couple weeks ago, he wanted to move the mouse himself... and he could get that game to do whatever he wanted it to do! It's amazing! Now, I know I'm not that old (no comments, Chasity!), but back in my day, we didn't have a computer when I was 3. We got one when I was going into high school, and my dad had to force me to learn to type the summer before I went to college. Yet Nathan is growing up with all this technology, and he's going to be better at it than I am before too much longer. What a world!

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