Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial of Lights

Our church does the coolest community outreach event on the Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend. We have a Memorial of Lights in the church. For a few weeks before Memorial Day weekend, we place white bags and markers at various businesses around the community. People can take a bag and decorate it with the name of a loved one who has died. Some people really get creative with them! Then on Sunday night, we meet at the central park in our town. We have a prayer and worship service, then turn all the bags into beautiful luminaries. Around 8:00, once the sun starts going down, the bags create a gorgeous display of light. People from the community come through to find the bags with their loved ones names on it, and many from our church and other churches in the area come to pray. It takes some work to get it all set up, but all of us involved in it consider it a labor of love. It really is a meaningful service to our community.