Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Prayers Please

Please pray for my best friend from college, Dorian, and her newborn daughter Lily. Lily was born on April 1, 2007, and she is having some serious problems. She has been transferred to a different hospital with a better NIC unit. Dorian also is having some minor complications after her emergency C-section, so she has not yet been released from her hospital. She cannot be with Lily, and has only held her for 3 minutes since her birth. Please pray for both Dorian and Lily, that God would heal them both completely and bring them both home soon.

Dorian is home and doing well. I got this message from her today (April 4, 2007):
Today when we went to the hospital she [Lily] had already been taken off of her antibiotics because there is no infection; the chest tube that was suctioning air off her lung was taken out as well; the nitric oxygen (that was helping her to make enough oxygen in her blood) was turned off because she was doing fine making her own Oxygen; and she was being weaned off the ventilator and breathing with it instead of having the ventilator do all the breathing for her. She looked so much better too with less tubes and hoses stuck in her. We met the Doc and he said she is making excellent progress and is doing really well.
Thank you all for praying! God is good!


THE WAKE'S said...

Praying for Dorian and Lily...the Wake's

Mel D in KC said...

Tell Dorian we will be praying for them! I'm sure her husband is scared too--with both his ladies in different hospitals! We will keep the whole family lifted up.

Smurph said...

Praying at the Murphy's....Love ya.

Smurph said...

YAY Lily!!!!!! and YAY God!!!!!

THE WAKE'S said...

God is good!!!