Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!

We decided to invite our pastor and his family, as well as our youth minister and his wife over for Easter dinner after church. We had great food, a fun Easter egg hunt for the kids, and a very sweet time to just relax and fellowship with each other. I think it's so neat that Steve works with Jay and Casey every day, yet they still want to hang out together outside of church. How many ministers can really say that? They are a great team! More Easter pics of Nathan coming soon!


THE WAKE'S said...

What an awesome spiritual team these pastors are!!! We are so blessed to have these three men who are dedicated to God and their beautiful families to support them. It's amazing how God has used them to teach us love and fellowship. They are all three being used by God in so many ways. We feel so blessed to enjoy their leadership, and thank God for their dedication and service. We love all of you and are praying for you!!!
Lanny, Lila, Whitney, and Megan

Smurph said...

We love all you very much and are so grateful to God for the gift of each of you to our church. We pray for you. Jeff, Carrie, Jaxson and Aaron

James W said...

I am just waiting for you all to move to Texas! :) No I am really glad you have a great bond at FBC-Cameron. I love and miss you all!

Wake Family said...

Darn!... Lila hid the laptop and got something published before I could chime in! I totally agree with what she wrote; I probably would have said something like that about the 3 Amigos too.