Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spaghetti Boy!

Introducing the newest super hero... Spaghetti Boy!
Able to slurp a long noodle in a single slurp
Smear a little sauce over the entire surface of a kitchen table
And still look cute doing it!
Maybe there is some Italian Gravina blood hiding in this white boy!


Smurph said...

Niiiiiice.....What a great name for a super hero. Ask Lanny about being stirring boy. He stirs some mean brownies. Love ya'll. Can't wait to bust into that cake.

THE WAKE'S said...

YES I AM SPATULA MAN (with my plad green shirt)...I stir fear into all boxed brownie and cake mixes sold at your favorite grocery. Yes, with (my somewhat trustworthy sidekick) MEMORY LOSS GIRL (she can't remember what has been put into the mix) we strive to make brownies that are soft and Lee won't chip a tooth on. I work outside the box, packing a golden spatula to help all those in need. Toon in next time when Memory Loss Girl remembers to write down each time she adds ingredience to the mix...until then bye, bye

THE WAKE'S said...

Hey, Spatula Man, can you keep up with Spaghetti Boy? We'll see on Thursday...get set for Miffy and friends.

Grace said...

I'm trying to figure out what my Super Hero name would be? Hmmm... I"ll have to give it some serious thought.

Smurph said...

Twinkie Girl!!! The cake was YUMMY!!! Love ya sister.