Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Big Fish

So many people want to be great.
They want to be the big fish in a big pond.
They want to have all the other little fish following them.
I mean, let's be honest... who hasn't wanted to be the big fish sometime in our lives?
I know I have.
But then I look at the Big Fish that I am suppossed to follow.. Jesus.
And I see how He left His Big Pond and came here to our little one.
And I see how He left His Big Fish-ness and became a little fish
by becoming like us in our humanity.
And while everyone else around Him, even His disciples,
were trying to swim to the front of the line
to prove they were the biggest fish...
He was gently reminding them:
the last shall be first;
the least of these shall be the greatest.
So maybe I don't need to be a big fish after all.
And maybe you don't either.
Swim on, little fish.
Follow the Big Fish wherever He leads.
And know there is a Great Big Pond waitng for you!


Smurph said...

very very cool gracie. love ya

Mel D in KC said...

Hey Grace! Thanks for the comment on my new blog! It's been lots of fun! I forgot you had a blog too, glad you reminded me! I like the big fish, especially since the shape of the writing resembles a fish--very cool! Keep writing; it is a blessing to ponder others' "God moments" too!