Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Halloween Fun

I know, I know... Halloween was over a week ago and I'm just now getting a few pictures posted. But, I think you will forgive me when you see how ADORABLE Nathan looked in his Chiefs football costume! Actually, I had to punt a bit on this costume about a half hour before the Fall Fun Fest began at our church. Nathan had been given a very cute puppy dog costume, but when I went to put him in it, he didn't want to wear it. So, I dug around in his closet and came up with this Chiefs jersey and a pair of black athletic pants... and it turned out great!

When we got there, we noticed that Nathan's friend Sarah was dressed up as a Chief's cheerleader, and we just had to get a picture of the 2 of them together. So, our last minute costume worked out just fine!

Nathan had a blast at the church party. He played games, went on a hayride, and got lots of candy. Every time he got to pick out a piece, he chose a sucker. He caught on to the whole idea of the evening really quickly, and went around playing the games over and over again so he could get "Mone candy!" He insisted on carrying around his own bag of candy, though by the end of the night it was getting kind of heavy for him. The next night when we went back to church for AWANA, I think Nathan was a little disappointed that no one gave him a sucker... though he's still got plenty at home!

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the dicocco gang said...

We did the same with our costumes this year... with all the excitement in our house this past month, we totally forgot halloween! Monday afternoon we realized we didn't have costumes.
So, Tuesday after school, the kids had a "find your own costume" scavenger hunt. Mady was a prom queen... Avery was a princess lizard... and Harrison was a cub scout (despite my trying to conjole him into being a prom queen too... he wasn't going for that one. No way!)
It all works out in the end.
Goes to show that sometimes it is us Mom's that get carried away in the name of our children...