Monday, October 02, 2006

At the Parade

The other day I took Nathan and his friend Spencer to the Homecoming Parade in our little town. Steve met us at the church and we walked a little ways up to the parade route. It was a perfect fall day... cool and crisp... and everything was so fresh and green. One of those days where you just want to spend every waking moment oustide, because you know winter is just around the corner.

I love living in a small town where the high school Homecoming Parade is a true "event". The schools let out so that all the kids can get in on the fun. Different businesses join in by providing tractors and trailers and 4-wheelers to be riden. Children line the streets, clutching platic WalMart sacks to hold all the candy that will soon be tossed their way. Grown-ups walk over from work, and moms push thier little ones in strollers up close to get a good spot. Sure, the parade only lasts 15 minutes... but who cares? It brings the town together somehow, and makes us feel like we're a part of something bigger than just us.

Plus... the kids get lots of candy. And that's just fun!

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THE WAKE'S said...

So maybe the bluest skies you've ever seen are NOT in Seattle?

SOOOOOOOOOOO glad you and Nathan and Steve are here...