Saturday, July 22, 2006

Random Thoughts

I think I'm feeling kinda pensive tonight.
I'm sitting here watching my in-laws pack their entire lives into suitcases, and then weighing them to make sure they aren't too heavy to put on the plane. They leave to go back to Kenya on Monday. During the time they have been here in the States, they have spent time visiting friends and family, of course, and they have bought things that they can't get over in Kenya.
I'm watching them packing all these things that I take for granted: crayons for the preschool kids, Christmas decorations, bubble wands (they can make the solution themselves), medicine for a year, etc. I watch them having to decide what will stay and what will go, what they will remove when they are over their weight limit, and what they can't do without. Since I've been to visit them, I'm picturing the home that is waiting for them, the people they will soon be seeing again, the year that is ahead of them. And as I watch them set yet another item aside, deciding that they don't really need it after all, one word stands out in my mind...
It's required of us all, at least those of us who want to live a life for Christ. But you know, I can't really complain about it. I mean, if we're going to talk about a sacrifice, there really isn't any bigger one than what Christ already did for us. Anything I can give back to Him are just small copper coins anyway. He is worthy of so much more than I can ever offer Him... so I give Him what I can. Myself. My heart. My worship. My time. My money. My life.
And on Monday, I entrust Him once again with my in-laws, knowing that they are giving Him all they have as well. It's all about sacrifice. Ours, yes... but first and foremost His.
Once and for all.

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