Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Veggie Power!

I have just finished coaxing a very tired, very cranky, very reluctant toddler to sleep. Those of you who know us at all know that Nathan is usually a very good sleeper. He usually lies down and goes to sleep with very little effort on anyone else’s part. But this afternoon, he just didn’t want to settle down for his nap. I could tell he was beyond exhausted, though, so I did my best to calm him down. I rocked him, I told him a story, I rubbed his back… and though he would put his head down for a minute, he would suddenly jerk himself awake and look up at me again with big blue eyes just swimming with crocodile tears. Finally, as a last resort, I started humming his current favorite song…the theme song from VeggieTales. I kid you not. He stopped fussing, looked at me with his tired eyes, heaved a big sigh, and then laid his head down on my shoulder and fell asleep. I’m talking dead-weight asleep. He was out like a light. Is there anything VeggieTales can’t do?

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