Saturday, May 13, 2006

Greetings World!

This is our first try at this blog thing, but it sounded like an easy way to keep up with alot of people at once. Does that make it sound like we are lazy? We prefer busy. Yes...busy...that's it. We figured since Grace lives on the internet anyway, we might as well use it to share our pictures and thoughts with our friends and family around the world. So here it is... our blog. Written mostly by Grace with some heckling from Steve in the background. (Yeah, yeah... I'll be sure to make everything green, Steve.) Nathan will provide the cuteness factor, which I'm sure will be enjoyed by all.


raines4 said...

can't wait to hear about all of your adventures! love you all. jmjm said...

You guys look great and Nathan certainly does provide the "cuteness factor." I can't believe he has red hair and looks like his daddy.

Our oldest daughter, Amy, is expecting her first in September. I'm going to send her your blog address so she can read about the job of being a mom.

Thanks, guys. You are loved.
Dr. McCoy